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300g "Rocker" jig

300g "Rocker" jig

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Well.... after a long time of trail and error, research at home and abroad we finally made a knife jig that we believe to be one of highest quality and most thought out designs for here in our local CA waters. After the success of last years K*ty Pe**y colors we went the more colorful route as it appears the big BFT enjoy that type of thing. The jig comes pre rigged with a single 9/0 mustard assist hook on top and will be shipped with the standard 200lb split ring as well as an extra 400lb split if you wish to swap out. The main difference in this jig and many of its competitors is that its still a slow pitch jig and can be fished as such anywhere in the water column. It also does very well in our newly opened 600ft bottom fishing range. This first jig is very limited so grab one while supplies last.


***while supplies last!***


a custom 300g mint/glow 300g rocker was made for the 2024 PCS show exclusively available at the LA FISHING ALLIANCE booth, Due to some not able to get to the show We're putting a very small stock up on the site for purchase.

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